Services - Aerofertilizing


Aerofertilizing is the total solution fertilizing system
for industrial crops


The product services simultaneous can be apply to and plantation or crops on any type of terrain with minimum road system in place at the plantation and applicable for solid fertilizer. The accessibility to the working area determine cost per hectare or per kilogram of fertilizing.



Data from Eurocopter EC130 B4 2008 tech data book

Max Take-Off Weight4,960 Lbs (internal load)
6,172 Lbs (external load)
Endurance3.00 Hrs
Range286 NM
Aircraft Empty Weight2,650 Lbs
Average Cruise Speed125 Knots
Average Fuel Consumption180 Lbs/Hr
Fuel Tank Capacity939 Lbs (standard tank)
Power Plant1 Turbomeca ARRIEL 2B1
Crew1 (pilot in left seat)
Pax5 person

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