About Us

Here you can learn what makes us tick, what inspires us and what we can do for you. We are a very proactive company, accustomed to creating original, bespoke client solutions.

From aircraft, to lightning visits to the region’s commercial capitals, Aerostarjet Aviation can support all your regional travel requirements. Or, supporting you for Heavylift / Firefighting / Aerofertilizing / Airlivestock / SAR & Rescue (SAR) services by our Kamov Ka-32A-11BC as the biggest heavylifter helicopter registered in Indonesia.

Aerostarjet Aviation’s elite aircraft are managed and operated by experienced personnel with world-class training. It is this professionalism, combined with exemplary levels of maintenance and an unstinting focus on safety that inspires complete confidence from our customer.

Aerostarjet Aviation can tailor a program that extends your exposure to regional markets — without limiting you to scheduled timetables.

Comfortably catering for a single passenger or a party of 70, Aerostarjet Aviation can be counted on to provide the appropriate service every time. And if you are looking to exploit these opportunities, and bring a decisive commercial advantage to your business, securing the flexibility and prestige of private air travel is the ideal starting point.

Vision - Mission

To be the only company who offers you the services with :

  • Exclusive AirCharter Provider in Indonesia
  • Secured, Reliable & Respected Corporate Aircraft Provider
  • Freedom to travel on your own terms and your own time

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Head Office

Plaza 45 Jl. Pahlawan Kav. No. 15/C 1-2
Rempoa, Ciputat Timur
Tangerang Selatan