From The C.E.O

“There is no doubt to say that time is so precious”

Sigit H. Samsu

Business versus time will become a very relevant performance indicator towards the value of success.

The success story does not only depend on your ability to organize your time, but also on how you are able to create the circumstances, that can influence the spirit of the effectiveness and the success of your work, as the part of empowering your time without losing your privilege and prestigious.

The private jet and airline will get you where you want to go. No needs for check in counters, layovers, or line up, our private jet leaves whenever you are ready.

To my way of thinking, Private jet can be considered as time machine. Because they offer unlimited flexibility in scheduling, instant mobility and privately tailored for your exclusivity.

With the private jet, you could conduct four or five meetings in many different countries in two days. While in normal airline you would spent more days. That's why private jets are brilliant time savers.

Other advantages include privacy for work, as they are fitted out to accommodate meetings among groups of executives on board. With business jets you are the master of your own time.

Exclusive AirCharter Provider established since 1983 (initially as a freelancer). This company specifically provide services for an ad hoc charter and long term contract using various private business aircraft, such as jet & turbo propeller and helicopters.

Our team is specialists in VIP Private Business Jet, Heavylift / Firefighting / Aerofertilizing / Airlivestock / Search & Rescue (SAR) Transporter and Aeromedical / Air Ambulance Flight.

Since 2008, we have been using Kamov as our main fleet service with focusing on Heavylift and Fire Bombing, and at the same time, we transitioned into a new beginning, with changing our name from Exclusive AirCharter Provider into Berkah Maju Sejahtera (BMS).

Currently we work with Avialift Vladivostok JSC (5 fleets, two Indonesian registration / PK) as our Heavylift and Fire Bombing partner and some other charter companies, such as Premiair & Pelita Air Service

And we were used to close partner with:

  • Airfast Indonesia
  • Air Pacific Utama - Indonesia
  • Heli SGI - Indonesia
  • Whitesky Aviation - Indonesia
  • Changwoon Aviation Co.Ltd - Korea
  • Air Pacific Co.Ltd - Korea
  • Heli NIUGINI Pty, Ltd - Papua New Guinea
  • Artic Group - Ukraine
  • Avia Russia Corporation - Canada

Head Office

Plaza 45 Jl. Pahlawan Kav. No. 15/C 1-2
Rempoa, Ciputat Timur
Tangerang Selatan