Livestock Air Transporter


Exclusive AirCharter Provider offers all the convenience - flexibility of livestock air transporting based on your own terms for horses, sheeps, pigs and cattle, regional and International. Exclusive AirCharter Provider has the experiences of taking care of air transporting for :

• A stallion previously belong to HE Sheik Machmoud A Maktum of UEA from Sydney to Jakarta by Boeing 747-100QC.

• 36 heads of horses from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur by Boeing 737-200QC and 48 heads of Polo horses previously belong to HE Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah of Brunei from Bandar Seri Begawan to Jakarta by Boeing 727-200QC.

• 525 Pigs from Batam to Jayapura - Irian by C-130 Hercules, 250 Pigs from Batam to Maumere - Flores by C-160 Transal and many Pigs from Sentani to Dekay - Papua by Cessna Grand Caravan.

• 420 feeder steer (cattle) from Sydney to Surabaya by Boeing 747-100QC.

• 3 heads of horses from Sidney to Jakarta by Boeing 737-200F. Special handled by Mr. Wijaya Noeradi (2010).

SAR (Search and Rescue)


Our Kamov Ka-32A-11BC successfuly evacuated two aircrafts accident at Papua mountainous.

One crashed aircraft (Twin Otter with 15 passengers - 10/10/09) found and evacuated at elevation 9,300 ft and the other (Skytruck with 3 passengers - 04/11/09) at 10,600 ft.


Aeromedical Evacuation


Exclusive AirCharter Provider is one of Indonesians leading providers of emergency aircraft services. From the transportation of large groups as part of company evacuation plan or single patient for medical evacuation to global destination. We provide aircraft to fulfill any mission.

The Embraer 120 is the primary aeromedical aircraft (air ambulance) within the fleet. Equipped with a dedicated stretcher system, the Embraer 120 can carry a patient, medical equipment, medical staff and dependants upto ranges of 1,400 nm, in a pressurized environment that additionally offers full galley service and enclosed lavatory.

The Embraer Legacy 600 provides long range (3,250 nm) aeromedical solutions with jet speeds and low cabin altitudes. The aircraft can operate throughout Asia, Australia and into the Middle East.

The Fokker F100 Executive Jet is an aircraft that can safely and rapidly respond to your requirements as part of a corporate evacuation plan. The cabin has been reconfigured from the standard 102 seats to a VIP and business class cabin with a total of 35 seats.

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