Kamov Ka-32A Helicopter HL 9288 in Action for Water Bombing Process with Simplex Fire Attack System (Internal Belly Tank) in Pekanbaru Area, 2007.

Kamov Ka-32A Helicopter in Action for Water Bombing Process with Water Bambi Bucket (External Tank) in Palangkaraya, 2009.

Our patented ram scoop hydrofoil allows the Kamov to refill from fresh water and sea water sources in less than 60 seconds with Water Bambi Bucket System (capacity 5,000 litres External / Underslung Load) or Simplex Fire Attack System (capacity 3,500 litres Internal Belly Tank).

Our record for Palangkaraya firefighting mission October-November 2009 are 1,735 times water bombing mission in 50 days with 150 flight hours. And thousands flight hours with more million tons of water have been dropped until 2017.

A flexible hose snorkel features a high pressure impeller and can draw water from any water source 18 inches (45 cm) or deeper as fast as 60 seconds. The 2,850 gallon (~13,000 liter) tank drops water, retardant, or foam mix. Microprocessor controlled tank doors offer two individual coverage level options.

The Kamov Ka-32A, Ka-32C, Ka-32T and Ka-32A-11BC Firefighter is the most versatile, powerful, and cost effective aerial firefighter in the world. Since certification in 1989, the Kamov Ka-32A and Ka-32A-11BC Firefighter has seen worldwide service.

Ka32A11BC is the largest helicopter registered in Indonesia

MTOW11,000 kg
Twin Engine Klimov TV3-117 VMA2,400 shp
Max Cruising Speed230 km/h
Operating Speed (water bombing)100 km/h
Service Ceiling5,000 m
Hover Ceiling3,700 m
Max Range700 km
Max Flight endurance3.0 h
Burning Fuel Jet A-1 AVTUR920 ltr/h
Heavylifting Capacity *)5,000 kg
Crew on board3 person
Pax12 person

  *) Subject to distance, altitude & fuel carried

Firefighting Mission at Pekanbaru

Firefighting Mission at Palangkaraya

Firefighting Mission at Pekanbaru-Riau 2013

Firefighting Mission at Riau & South Sumatera 2015

Firefighting Mission at Central Kalimantan 2015

Firefighting Mission at South Kalimantan 2015

Firefighting Mission at Palangkaraya KAMOV 32C 2016

Firefighting Mission at Palangkaraya KAMOV 32T 2016

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